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Capsule Wardrobe + Moi = Destiny

I’m guessing that if you stumbled across my little corner of the internet then you know me personally, which also means you’ve probably heard me talk about how much I love the concept of a capsule wardrobe.

But just in case there’s a stranger lurking around here somehow (if that’s you, hi!), I thought I’d first share a few thoughts about this wardrobe concept before sharing what I’ll be wearing for my summer capsule wardrobe (June through August).

First, some nostalgia: ever since I was little, I’ve loved getting dressed. I remember changing clothes several times a day as a kindergartner. I remember my beloved childhood romper with lace trim and a bright pink and purple floral print. In third grade, I remember my absolute favorite outfit: a pale pink turtleneck, navy leggings with big socks pulled up over my ankles, and a stretchy headband (I was a 90’s child living in the 80’s). I wore that ensemble as often as it was clean. In fifth grade, I created a schedule for my five favorite pairs of pants. I still remember how I would wear my stretchy black flares every Tuesday. Years later, I remember thinking that my art teacher, who only saw me on Tuesdays, probably thought it was weird that I only ever wore one pair of pants—but then again, she probably never even noticed. So considering my past, it’s no wonder I fell in love with the idea of a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is basically a smaller wardrobe of versatile pieces that can be interchanged relatively easily to create a wide variety of outfits. I’ve been organizing my wardrobe into three month capsules since last September and I’ve never regretted it.

Here are a few of the benefits I’ve experienced from living with a capsule wardrobe: (more…)

Exploring Minneapolis: The American Swedish Institute

Nathan and I love to travel.

But I never want to be so preoccupied by somewhere else that I miss the beauty of the place I call home.

So last weekend, we walked over to The American Swedish Institute to explore.

They had a fascinating exhibit about the Noble Prize; each of the rooms in the mansion had a creative dress designed by fashion students in Stockholm, a floral arrangement from a local florist, and a musical composition all inspired by a distinct noble prize. If you’re the museum-type, I’d recommend visiting sometime.

And, naturally, I took lots of pictures with my phone, so if you’re not the museum-type, you can vicariously live through these photos.

imageLovely, isn’t it?


Floral installation in the physics room.


Physics flowers again, so unique.

imageThe dress design in the physics room.

image The floral installation in the literature room.

image The dress design in the literature room. Can you tell it’s made of paper shreds?

image The floral installation in the chemistry room. Quite fitting, I think.

imageFloral installation in the peace room.


Pretty chandeliers. It felt like a dollhouse.


This chandelier reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.

image I’d like a home with floors like this. (more…)

Hives: The Not-So-Pretty Part of My Life


Disclaimer about the pictures: I usually prefer to share images that are more beautiful or uplifting than this (*cough, cough*), not because I wish to hide the hard parts of my life, but because I don’t usually feel compelled to share about them on the internet. My hives are ugly and unwelcome but God is using them to reveal good things to me. I decided to share the pictures because they are a reminder that God can teach us beautiful truths out of ugly things.

It all started with my itchy arms, but I didn’t think too much of it until a few hours later when I noticed that I was kind of itchy…everywhere. Soon enough, my entire body was covered in hives. Huge, red, irritated hives. What did I eat that was different? What touched my skin? I kept running through questions in mind to figure out what caused the allergic reaction, but couldn’t think of anything out of the ordinary.

Despite the discomfort, I was still able to find humor in the situation. I laughed with Nathan about the crazy hives engulfing my body. He picked up some Benadryl for me and I figured I’d be better by the morning. No big deal, I assured myself, just a fluke.

But I wasn’t better by the morning. In fact, by that evening, I had to go to urgent care to get some more serious medication to control the hives. Surely, after a dose or two of these stronger medications, the hives will disappear.

But they didn’t.

The following day, I skyped with Nathan (he was traveling for work) and completely broke down. The hives weren’t funny anymore. They were scary, out-of-control, and consuming all of me. The scariest part, I said to Nathan between tears, is not knowing what caused them. Is this my future? Randomly breaking out in extreme hives? Hopelessness set in.


I realized through that conversation with Nathan and through material I’ve been learning with my small group at church that there were a lot of lies I was believing. And let me be clear: the hives didn’t cause me to believe lies; they just exposed the lies I was already believing.

Here are a few I discovered: (more…)