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Broken Glass

I precariously moved the wood chips around with my shoe and discovered—just like the kindergartners had told me—that there was broken glass everywhere.

The school playground is located in an urban area and I figured someone must have haphazardly thrown a couple of empty glass bottles into the playground. I went inside the classroom to get a trash can and warned the kindergartners not to touch any of it.

I kept sifting through the wood chips and found more and more broken glass. At one point, I found the bottom of a glass container with jagged edges so sharp they would have sent a child immediately to the hospital had she tripped. As I was discarding these pieces of glass, I marveled at the fact that not one child had been hurt. Not one child had tumbled or fallen or collapsed in a happy game of tag among the broken glass. I have no explanation for that besides the reality that God sovereignly protected them from the potential danger.

Before going to bed last Wednesday night, I checked the news on my BBC app and read about the horrifying events that had just unraveled in Charleston. The trauma of it all. The sick knot I get in my stomach when I think of him sitting in their prayer meeting for an hour before he killed them. In a prayer meeting. The hatred. The racism. The insanity.

How can it be that in one situation we can feel God’s hand sheltering us from harm, and, in another situation, God seems absent? I do not know. I do not know why God protected the children from falling on the broken glass and later that same day, in Charleston, a racist wreaked havoc on Jesus’ bride, the church. I cannot begin to make sense of such an unbelievably evil situation. (more…)



I realize that I’m a decade or two behind schedule in reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, but I cannot resist telling you about it. It’s one of those books that gives you a lump in your throat that you cannot seem to swallow. It sticks with you. It makes you see familiar things in unfamiliar ways. It tugs and tugs at your heart and makes you want to live better.

This ending scene, in which Meg, the heroine of the story, says I love you thirteen times, is my favorite:

She could love Charles Wallace.

Charles. Charles, I love you. My baby brother who always takes care of me. Come back to me, Charles Wallace, come away from IT, come back, come back. I love you, Charles. Oh, Charles Wallace, I love you.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she was unaware of them.

Now she was even able to look at him, at this animated thing that was not her own Charles Wallace at all. She was able to look and love.

I love you. Charles Wallace, you are my darling and my dear and the light of my life and the treasure of my heart. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Slowly his mouth closed. Slowly his eyes stopped their twirling. This tic in the forehead ceased its revolting twitch. Slowly he advanced toward her.

“I love you!” she cried. “I love you, Charles! I love you!”

Then suddenly he was running, pelting, he was in her arms, he was shrieking with sobs. “Meg! Meg! Meg!”

“I love you, Charles!” she cried again, her sobs almost as loud as his, her tears mingling with his. “I love you! I love you!”

This scene of Meg and Charles makes me reflect on a couple truths. (more…)

Our Boise Trip

Nathan has been traveling to Boise for work pretty regularly for well over the past year, so I was eagerly looking forward to visiting the city with him last week.

Boise reminded me of my beloved college town, Iowa City. They both have lots of farm-to-table style restaurants, good coffee shops, university students, bookstores, bicycle lanes, and kind people. All good things.

We visited Nathan’s favorite coffee shop, District, every day.


We went for a beautiful drive through Sawtooth National Forest.





…saw the coolest mint colored bushes ever.


I had the most delicious superfood salad from Bleubird. Also, the reviews about the sodas there are completely true. If I lived here, I would try them all, but since I only had the chance to try one, I’ll recommend the grapefruit rosemary one. I have a smile on my face just thinking about it.


…rented a couple bicycles and relished the fresh air rushing past our skin.


…watched Lars & The Real Girl. This has got to be one of my top ten favorite films. (more…)

Summer Capsule Wardrobe: The Bottom Half

Here they are. Click as your heart desires or just get the gist of it from the name:

  1. Olive Green Knit Skirt (Loft)
  2. Olive Green 5” Shorts (Old Navy): I found these on clearance for a few dollars about five years ago and still like them!
  3. Stripped Ponte Pencil Skirt (Loft): This was the only new purchase (I got it on sale for less than $30) for the pants/skirts/shorts part of my capsule.
  4. Red Circle Skirt (H&M): Read Hilary’s advice if you’re skeptical of wearing red.
  5. Black Scuba Skirt (Topshop)
  6. White/Light Blue Wonder Dot Skinny Jeans (Loft)
  7. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans (Banana Republic)
  8. Mint Green Skinny Ankle Jeans (Loft): My favorite pants ever. There was nothing remotely similar online, so I linked a pair from Ebay. 🙂


Am I nuts for including three pairs of skinny jeans in my summer wardrobe? Perhaps so.

Because, let’s be honest, no one wants to see a girl suffer through the summer months with sweaty legs. We’ll see how this summer skinny jeans experiment goes.

But there is a tiny bit of logic to my madness: (more…)

Goodbye To My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Tomorrow is the first day of June.

Consequently, it is also the first day of my summer capsule wardrobe.

I really look forward to switching things up a little bit when a new seasons comes. But before I rush off and talk about the new season’s capsule, I want to slow down to remember some of the outfits I enjoyed wearing this spring.

Kudos to my obliging husband who took pictures for me on our walks!


Most of the things I own are from many seasons past, so I linked similar items if the item I have was out-of-stock.


Chambray Shirt (Loft). I’ve worn this shirt in every capsule so far: fall, winter, spring, and you better believe I’m going to include it in my summer one.

Black Jacquard Pants (Loft). I’ve also worn these in every capsule, but I don’t think I’ll need them this summer, so I’m putting them in my storage container and will probably pull them out in the fall.

Red Studded Ballet Flats (Target). I bought these shoes for a few dollars on clearance at Target and I’ve nearly loved them to pieces.



Olive Green Painter’s Shirt (J.Crew Factory). I love boat neck shirts.

Black Scuba Pleated Skirt (Topshop). The pleats on this skirt are so much fun.

Black Ballet Flats (Clarks). For as short as I am, it’s a pity I love ballet flats as much as I do. But I do. (more…)