Monthly Archives: July 2015

Some Favorites

IMG_0478Now that summer school is done and we’ve caught up on the bigger summer to-do items, I’ve happily settled in to a summer routine of working on a creative project.

I hope to tell you more about it soon! I also ordered a couple new books to read — cannot wait for them to arrive. I originally requested this book through the library but there was a wait list of over 500 people and they have 300 copies of the book, so I feel a little late to huge tidying up party.

While I wait for the new books to arrive I thought I’d share some of my favorite articles, podcasts, and blogs from around the web recently.


Oh, The Lively Show. Possibly my favorite podcast ever. She interviews lots of creative people and their stories are thought-provoking, and often inspiring. Jess Lively is a talented interviewer and host, so she asks the right questions to bring out inspiring parts of their stories. I do not necessarily agree with everything people say, but I always learn something valuable.

The episode from this past week is absolutely fascinating. While I may not agree with Alisa’s solution to some of the problems (for example, I don’t think every woman has to avoid dairy, gluten, and caffeine to optimize her health and fertility), I agree with her that women often feel misinformed about their bodies—especially when it comes to their hormones, menstrual cycles, and fertility. I appreciate her desire to help women work with their bodies in a holistic manner.

Some of my favorite episodes from The Lively Show have been:

Kate Arends: Minimalism, Design, and Mental Health. Kate is so honest about her creative career (she shares about designing for Target, too!), and I really like what she says about being authentic.

Becky Murphy: Her journey into freelancing is so interesting. Plus, I have had her coffee table book about the unique joys of being short on my Amazon wish list since last year!

Caroline Rector: This is the second Lively Show episode with Caroline and I think I enjoyed it even more than the first – it’s all about why she took a break from her blog and about her move to Seattle.

Here are four excellent articles regarding the recent Planned Parenthood news. They are well-worth your time:

I cannot stop hearing Rosaria Butterfield’s words, “The monster in Frankenstein is me—and you—and my sins are always so much worse than I confess. The wages of sin is death. It is always death—even if medical science promises the wages of sin is life.” (Her full post I Thought Planned Parenthood Protected Family Values is at The Gospel Coalition.)

Kirsten Powers’s (a democrat) article, Crush Planned Parenthood, talks about the chaos that ensues when abortionists are elevated to gods.

David Daleiden, the Catholic who is behind the undercover videos, states, “It is a paradox that we can’t have laws that recognize unborn babies as human, and yet, it is their very humanness that makes them valuable for experimentation.” Full background on the undercover project is here.

My husband has admired Ross Douthat’s voice in The New York Times for a long time. His article Looking Away From Abortion is chilling in its honest look at abortion. I am so grateful for the humility in his article when he admits his own slowness to cover issues like torture during the post 9-11 interrogations.

Millay Vintage. A couple weeks ago, we actually drove by this shop on our way to church in Philadelphia and remember thinking that I saw the shop on Instagram one time. And, sure enough, it was! I am in love with the aesthetic of the shop. Maybe I’ll order something from it for my next capsule wardrobe. (more…)