Monthly Archives: October 2015


Can we agree to forgo the cliché and perpetual blog apology about how it has been forever and ago since I wrote something here?



This picture has nothing to do with the post except that these were the first pictures Nathan and I ever took together and my best friend, Amy, took them. All of which gives me great joy.

Today was the first Saturday in a long time that was completely unscheduled and spontaneous. It was thee best. I like making weekends plans, but sometimes a free Saturday is the way to go.

So, here are some super original things I loved about today:

Nathan and I slept in until our hearts desired. I do not always like sleeping in, mainly because waking up is not my forte and sleeping in just makes it harder to get up the next day, but today it was so nice and refreshing.

Nathan made breakfast: healthy pancakes, fried egg, chicken sausage, blueberries, and coffee. The only thing better was enjoying it all with him. So cheesy and so true. (more…)