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Seasons of Waiting

Quick update on our little guy: tomorrow marks the beginning of third trimester. Feel free to make a collective sigh with me. I just cannot get over how special this time is with him in my belly.

Once he’s born, I’ll never have these days again. Obvious, I know, but still it strikes me so.

Now on to things other than pregnancy…

Most of my reading has consisted of blogs and articles lately (so millennial of me, it’s awful), but I did read a short little book called Seasons of Waiting: Walking by Faith when Dreams are Delayed┬áby Betsy Childs Howard and it’s worth writing about and recommending to you. This book intrigued me when I first heard about it because waiting has often been one of God’s primary ways of sanctifying me. Seasons of waiting in my life have been both the saddest and sweetest times of my life.┬áThese seasons have exposed my misplaced hopes and made me cling to Jesus with desperation.

Seasons of Waiting


Let’s Resurrect This

Despite my absence, I really did miss you, white internet space.

Let’s get the big news covered first: I’M HAVING A BABY.

(Trust me, this deserves all caps.) I’m pretty tempted to say that pregnancy has been the most amazing experience of my life, no exaggeration. How crazy is it that a tiny baby is growing and developing inside of my body?

I’m sure you’re curious to know all the details so I shall oblige you.

February 12th: I found out I was pregnant. It was very early in the pregnancy, before my period was even due, but sure enough there was a faint little second line. I was flying out that day to meet Nathan and take a trip to Santa Fe, so I immediately called him (before 6am his time) and texted him, “You’re going to be a dad.”, when he understandably didn’t pick up.