Monthly Archives: September 2016

Friday Favorites

Currently, these ten things (five of which are clothing related):

  1. Shirts like this from H&M’s Mama line. They are the best maternity shirts ever: comfortable, flattering, perfect fit, and inexpensive (I bought one for $5). They have them in lots of colors and prints, too.
  2. Slow Fe. Maybe it’s boring? Okay, it is. But if your iron is low, it will help you feel so much better. Most pregnant women are anemic at some point in their pregnancy because their blood volume increases by almost 50% during pregnancy. I found out I was anemic early in my pregnancy, which also explains why I was unbelievably exhausted all the time, and taking Slow Fe brought it up without the usual harsh side effects of iron. If you’re feeling extra tired or more tired than all your friends seem to be, I cannot recommend getting your iron checked enough. I wish I had done it way before I was pregnant.
  3. Daydreaming about non-maternity clothes. I currently love this drop waist peplum and this floral shirt from Loft, but I am refraining from ordering any non-maternity clothes until I am actually a non-maternity person. Besides self-control, I made this rule for myself because I want something to look forward to when I’m up at bizarre hours of the night nursing my baby. (Also, word of advice about ordering from Loft: never buy anything that’s not at least 40% off because they have sales ALL THE TIME.)
  4. This shirt from J.Crew. Seriously, so cute! I’m a little obsessed. But it’s not worth me getting because by the time I have my baby it’ll be getting pretty chilly out and this shirt + a cardigan = oddly puffy biceps.
  5. These shoes from ThredUp. I am a very big fan of waiting until there’s a sale or finding something used, so ThredUp is my friend.
  6. Miracles by Eric Metaxas. If you’ve ever doubted the possibility of miracles in the West, you should read it. The stories are fascinating: a man healed from AIDS, Jesus literally walking in the home of a couple with a broken marriage and restoring it, angels, a woman healed from a nut allergy, and so many more. He also discusses the theology around miracles in the first half of the book.
  7. Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump clips. Honestly, my political therapy right now is watching all of Colbert’s clips about him and laughing out loud.
  8. YNAB. I love making budgets, but struggle with all the follow through of tracking everything. This program makes it simple and the app actually allows me to update income and expenses on my phone which is so helpful.
  9. Lyric & Bloom! I started an Etsy shop. I’m still figuring it out as I go, but I’m excited for it.
  10. This dress from Target. It’s my last maternity purchase because baby boy is coming so soon! image1-6