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7 QT: Creativity, Vegan Chocolate Bread, $1 Alarm Clocks

I’m trying to do a better job at keeping the promises I make to myself, one of which was to blog more, so here’s me keeping my promises.

The best worst photo from before we left for a wedding yesterday. Henry gets his squinty eyes skills from moi.


How Motherhood Affects Creativity. This is a longer form article in The Atlantic, and it’s worth the entire read. There are so many nuanced tensions about creative work and mothering. I love how the neuroscience suggests that women’s minds become more creative after childbirth and I’ve seen that in my own life. I love what she said here: “We live in a culture in which you are taught that what you do is who you are. But identity is far more complex than that, and like creativity, it exists in a state of revision and flow. The competition between raising children and creative output is real. It may be impossible to balance in the ways society expects us to. But I don’t believe that parenting is the enemy of the work.”


Nathan traveled all last week. And I made it! And so did Henry! This deserves a point of its own.


Fall Clothes at H&M. There are so many pretty things. I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like this flounced magenta tunic. It’d be perfect for a newly postpartum mom because the ruffles are right over your tummy area. I love this black + floral print and the structured sleeves. And if you’re not nursing, I bet this wrap around blouse would be amazing. And these black embroidered mom jeans? Yes.


This Vegan GF Chocolate Zucchini Bread. I know September is no processed sugar month but I’m allowing this to count because…coconut sugar. (Excuses, I know, but I’ll take my excuses and eat them this time.) Plus cocoa has magnesium which I’m probably lacking. This bread is delicious. Like cake but better.


7 QT: Podcasts, Sleep, and Sugar

It’s strangely humid here in Minneapolis but the trees are also beginning to change, so I’m caught between something I love (fall trees) and something I don’t love (humidity). C’est la vie. To be honest, there are so many posts I’ve been working on but I feel stuck at a weird place with all of them, so for the sake of posting something, here I am. Many of the bloggers I follow do seven quick takes on Fridays. It’s mostly a Catholic blogger thing, but today I’m going to follow suit.

So, seven things right now:


I discovered a new podcast that I love: Typology. If you’re into the Enneagram, check it out. I read the book The Road Back to You this summer and had a book club discussion with some friends about it. Fascinating stuff.


I’ve been getting more sleep. Now that Henry usually sleeps through the night (as long as I dream feed him before I go to bed), I can actually get full night’s rest. I’ve been going to bed between 9:15-10:15pm and I finally feel rested when I get up with Henry around 6:00am. It’s made me such a happier person. Good sleep habits are as good as kale.


Bye, bye sugar. At least for a little while. I’m taking a break from most refined grains and processed sugar this month. This is nothing compared to the likes of Whole30, but I wanted to reset my habits and cutting out sugar has been helping. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel after breakfast, too. I used to start my day with cereal or granola, but since I’m taking a break from processed sugar, I’ve been having either:

a green smoothie (something like spinach, peaches, banana, chia seeds, sunflower seed butter, and almond milk)

a couple slices of whole grain toast with avocado and eggs on top

oatmeal with walnuts, chia seeds, ground flaxseeds, almond milk, cinnamon, and maybe sliced banana

If I’m in a hurry, I usually have a piece of toast with natural peanut butter and some berries.


Morning walks. This hasn’t happened every day, but I’m trying to get in the rhythm of going for a short walk with Henry after breakfast. Even though we live in the city, I find it most natural to connect with God in nature. I like letting my thoughts lead to prayer while I walk. (more…)