7 QT: Creativity, Vegan Chocolate Bread, $1 Alarm Clocks

I’m trying to do a better job at keeping the promises I make to myself, one of which was to blog more, so here’s me keeping my promises.

The best worst photo from before we left for a wedding yesterday. Henry gets his squinty eyes skills from moi.


How Motherhood Affects Creativity. This is a longer form article in The Atlantic, and it’s worth the entire read. There are so many nuanced tensions about creative work and mothering. I love how the neuroscience suggests that women’s minds become more creative after childbirth and I’ve seen that in my own life. I love what she said here: “We live in a culture in which you are taught that what you do is who you are. But identity is far more complex than that, and like creativity, it exists in a state of revision and flow. The competition between raising children and creative output is real. It may be impossible to balance in the ways society expects us to. But I don’t believe that parenting is the enemy of the work.”


Nathan traveled all last week. And I made it! And so did Henry! This deserves a point of its own.


Fall Clothes at H&M. There are so many pretty things. I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like this flounced magenta tunic. It’d be perfect for a newly postpartum mom because the ruffles are right over your tummy area. I love this black + floral print and the structured sleeves. And if you’re not nursing, I bet this wrap around blouse would be amazing. And these black embroidered mom jeans? Yes.


This Vegan GF Chocolate Zucchini Bread. I know September is no processed sugar month but I’m allowing this to count because…coconut sugar. (Excuses, I know, but I’ll take my excuses and eat them this time.) Plus cocoa has magnesium which I’m probably lacking. This bread is delicious. Like cake but better.


I’m reading Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Party because I rarely read fiction. I started out really getting into it. It’s a beautifully wise book. I pause and underline beautiful sentences as I read. So I feel bad admitting this, but now I’m struggling to finish it. There isn’t a normal story arc, which is cool in a way. The book is written in the form of letters, advice of sorts, from a dying father to his son. Hopefully I’ll finish it and report back to you.


I love this Immune Boosting Smoothie. I rarely follow recipes when I make smoothies because it’s really not necessary. Just toss in greens, a banana (fixes the bitterness of greens if you don’t like that), frozen fruit, a nut/seed butter, chia or flax seeds for health, and water and you’ll be fine. But this time I actually did follow the recipe. It’s the first time I’ve used sweet potato or turmeric in a smoothie and I loved it.


Screen-free bedtimes. I read The Tech-Wise Family this summer and it inspired me to get my phone out of my room at night and in the morning. So I got an alarm clock at Ikea for $1 (not kidding). The funny thing is I don’t even set an alarm anymore. That’s what babies are for.

Hope you had a lovely weekend,


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