Welcome! This blog exists to indulge Melanie’s desire to write and share things she likes.

So here is the Trulsen household:


He is a Renaissance man. He loves philosophy, business, art, sci-fi movies, classical music, and traveling. He makes his fair share of appearances on the blog. Currently, he enjoys working with big problems like healthcare, which is what takes up most of his time as a management consultant.


She feels happier when she wears red lipstick and tends to do so on a daily basis. She likes avocados and is a big believer in eating fats. You will usually find her daydreaming with a cup of coffee and a baby on her hip and a podcast playing out of her back pocket. She also likes living semi-minimally with things like capsule wardrobes.


The star of the show, for sure. He is about six months old. He obliges his mother as she takes an absurd number of photos of him on a daily basis. He is an awkwardly loud nurser. He likes not being on his tummy. Most days you can find him cooing loudly and cuddling with his mom and dad.


They live in a little apartment in Minneapolis that is absolutely covered in ivy. You may see them running into church on Sunday about ten minutes late and blaming it on Henry though it is always Melanie’s fault. She’s working on it.

They love Jesus and the gospel is what holds them all together.

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  1. Angela says:

    So excited to see this up and running! I’m really enjoying my capsule wardrobe – thanks for introducing me to it. Also, you’re adorable and this blog is so “Melanie.” Much love!

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