Henry’s First Birthday

I know it’s cliché to say, but it does feel like I was pregnant with him just yesterday.

Henry was born on October 27, 2016 at 2:39 in the afternoon, four days after my estimated due date, and 37+ hours after my water had broken. People say labor hormones cause you to forget a lot of it, but I remember his birth so vividly. And despite the difficulties, and the complications I nearly died from, it was infinitely worth it. Feeling him breathing on my skin was a little slice of heaven on earth.

He has brought so much joy and laughter to my life and to our marriage. I feel incredibly thankful that God brought him into our family.

Henry devoured the red velvet cupcakes I made, but they weren’t my favorite and I’m not sure I’d make them again. (Plus the toxicity of food coloring freaks me out.)

I also made my favorite vegetarian lasagna and simple salad. Henry would eat sliced cherry tomatoes all day if I let him–so suffice it to say, he enjoyed the salad.

I intentionally keep gift giving really simple (for multiple reasons but mainly my sanity), but I did get Henry this adorable reindeer with glasses outfit from Gap (on sale + 40% off + I had a gift card = how I shop), these cute socks from Target, and a pretty book to begin practicing to count.

Henry loved all of the attention from family. He’s such a social little guy! I was telling Nathan the other day how much I enjoy Henry’s personality–his giggles, his earnests demands for more strawberries, the way he rests his head on my legs when he’s tired, his attempts to get strangers at Target to turn and smile at him, his “dance” moves, and his love of singing.

See? We make the same accidentally crazy expressions, but Henry did it better.

Obligatory birthday selfie with your mom.

Henry has been so close to walking for the past month or so, and during his birthday party, he took off! What a sweet day.

Well, my hazelnut latte has been drunk and I’ve been at Peace Coffee long enough that Henry is definitely awake from his nap, so that’s my cue!

Hope your weekend was beautiful!


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