Let’s Resurrect This

Despite my absence, I really did miss you, white internet space.

Let’s get the big news covered first: I’M HAVING A BABY.

(Trust me, this deserves all caps.) I’m pretty tempted to say that pregnancy has been the most amazing experience of my life, no exaggeration. How crazy is it that a tiny baby is growing and developing inside of my body?

I’m sure you’re curious to know all the details so I shall oblige you.

February 12th: I found out I was pregnant. It was very early in the pregnancy, before my period was even due, but sure enough there was a faint little second line. I was flying out that day to meet Nathan and take a trip to Santa Fe, so I immediately called him (before 6am his time) and texted him, “You’re going to be a dad.”, when he understandably didn’t pick up.

Around week six of the pregnancy, I started to get really sick in the mornings and that continued throughout most of the first trimester. Nathan was the real hero of first trimester. I basically collapsed on the couch in a mixture of exhaustion and nausea while he dealt with the new puking version of his wife. I have a newfound respect for mothers who get sick during pregnancy and have other children to care for. How do you do it?

Here’s a picture of our little baby at 9.5 weeks. The midwife wanted to do an ultrasound because she thought I might be further along in the pregnancy than I thought, but he was just as I suspected and due on October 23.


I also got extremely carsick in the first trimester. I will never forget throwing up in a brand new (as in 0 miles on the odometer brand new) rental car on the highway in Atlanta. Or throwing up on a school bus on the way to a kindergarten field trip–this will go down as one of the most humbling experiences of my life.

Thankfully, once second trimester came around, everything took a turn for the better. My energy mostly came back (thank you, iron supplements and Jesus). My nausea vanished. My mood improved. I will love you forever, second tri.

Around sixteen weeks, I felt the baby’s first movements–and around eighteen weeks, I could see the baby move just by watching my belly. Feeling the baby move around has been my favorite thing about being pregnant. I love imagining what he’s doing and predicting his personality. Based on his current pattern of movements, I’d say our child is on track to be what people refer to as spirited.

Since I’m sure you’re dying to see another ultrasound photo, here you go. Baby boy at about 22 weeks:  TRULSENMELANIEJ20160617091159167

I am now 27.5 weeks pregnant. I cannot even believe I just wrote that. This pregnancy is going so fast–I’m trying hard to savor all these days with the little guy in my belly.

More pregnancy updates coming your way shortly, I’m sure. And I must say, it feels good to be back.

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