Postpartum Complications Scene 11: A Second Tube

(Scene ten is here.)

After all the tests to figure out what was going on with my bladder are done, the infectious disease doctor tells me she recommends putting another tube in me. She goes on to explain how my most recent CT scan shows I have another infected fluid pocket under my uterus and they need to drain it. But I have a hard time listening to her explanations after she mentions that the tube would go through my butt cheek.

“Um, sorry, but did you just say the tube would go through my butt cheek?”

I’m helplessly waiting for someone to burst in to the room and tell me this is a joke. I almost laugh before I cry.

The next day, I’m wheeled back over to the radiology room to get the second tube put in me.

As I’m waiting to be wheeled into the room, my nurse for the procedure comes over to me. Her name is Carla and she’s the same nurse I had for my first tube procedure.

“Oh girl! What are you still doing here? We need to run into each other at the mall, not this hospital!”

I give her a big hug and cry. I cry at lot these days, but this time I’m crying because I’m so happy she’s my nurse again. When you’ve been at the hospital for so long it’s really wonderful to see your favorite people again.

(Scene twelve is here.)

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