Predictions about Baby Trulsen Based on His In Utero Behavior

31 week bump photo

The title says it all.

A baby bump picture for good measure! (This is a week old, so I’m a little bigger now.)

Here are my predictions:

  1. He will be a daddy’s boy. He kicks and squirms like crazy when Nathan talks to my belly.
  2. Based on the frequency of his kicks and punches and whole body shifts, he might like sports. God help us because we all know that Nathan and I have no idea what to do with a child who is sporty. Sorry, little guy, but we may enlist the help of athletic friends to help you.
  3. He will be a morning person. Again, kicks like crazy bright and early.
  4. He will be a night person. I’m hoping the combination of these two means he’ll be an excellent napper. Fingers crossed.
  5. And high energy. He might be one of those children who needs a backpack leash at the airport. Kidding! Sort of.
  6. He will be sensitive to the things of God. He moves whenever we pray for him. And Nathan and I pray he is drawn to Jesus at a young age.
  7. Don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling he’ll be strong-willed.
  8. He will like music. He moves like a madman during worship songs at church.
  9. He will like church. See above.
  10. Cuddly. I think he’ll like snuggles, because snuggles are the best.


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