Probably Not Lullabies

I feel like sharing some beautiful songs with you – and because it’s almost midnight, I’d like to call them lullabies, but I refrain. They make me feel joyful or inspired or contemplative. Maybe you’ll like them, too. I hope so.

Jacaranda Tree by Josh Garrels

Favorite lyrics: But what I don’t say / What I can’t say / Is that with this joy / Comes a mourning.

We Bought a Zoo by Jonsi

This song was the processional music at our wedding. I get a huge smile on my face every time I hear it.

There’s So Much Energy In Us by Cloud Cult

I first heard this song at a church retreat over a year ago. Atypical, I know, but so very glad I discovered it.

Now Is The Start by A Fine Frenzy

This music video has got to be the happiest music video I have ever seen. Do your soul a favor and press the > button now.

Favorite lyrics: Unafraid you can name your scars / With a touch of a new heart.

Daydreaming by Dark Dark Dark

Oh, daydreaming.



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