& The Rest of the Apartment: Photo Tour

Yesterday, I shared how we arranged our bedroom after having Henry, and now here’s the rest of the 660 square foot apartment we lived in.

First, the outside. It was my favorite during the fall.

I need to drive back over in a week or two for a dose of nostalgia and beautiful colors.

Buried in vines, just the way I like it.

Living Room

One of my favorite things about the apartment was the old character, especially the arched entryways (cut off on the side of this cellular photo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Our house now has similar arched entryways, too.

I have a mild obsession with arranging gallery walls. This one is more spread out and I’d probably do it differently now, but it felt like home. I got the abstract green circle print from this shop on Minted, the succulent was painted by my friend, and the print in the upper left corner is from Rose Henges.

You know how they say don’t cram all your furniture up against the wall? Well, I should have followed that advice with this poor chair, crammed into the corner. Sorry, chair.

See that picture on top of the bookshelf with that dancer’s blue dress? My friend, Amy, painted it in high school. Amazing, right?

This short shelf fit well in this space but not-so-much at our new house (it’s currently relaxing in our spare room).


These cabinets were so tall I could stand on top of them and still had about six inches before my head it the ceiling!

A tiny oven for a tiny kitchen.

My favorite dishes, hue green from Crate & Barrel. (Unlike other stuff at Crate & Barrel, they’re not that expensive.)

Dining Area

Many sweet memories of dinners shared around this table.

That jumper was a lifesaver. Henry could bounce his heart out while I got stuff done.

I really like this art print by Blair Staky. The weave really didn’t fit there, but we were about to move and there was already a nail in the wall, so I just hung it there. Nathan got it for me for my birthday. It’s from this Etsy shop.

Entry Area and Hallway

The door there leads to a closet where we stored winter stuff and office things. The door that’s cut off on the right is the front door to our apartment. There was actually a back door in the kitchen that led out to the courtyard. (I’m sure you’re thoroughly confused about doors now!)

Side story: my mom saw this mint green bench on the side of the road when I was in high school and picked it up for me because she knew how much I loved mint green things. I moved ten times in the ten years before I moved into this apartment, and that beloved bench is one of only two pieces of furniture I kept during all those moves.

Nathan puts up with my overly feminine style sometimes and I love him for it. I got both of the mirrors at thrift stores in Iowa. Honestly, Iowa has the BEST thrift stores.


The rusty old bathroom window and the seashells I collected when I visited my sister in Thailand back in 2012. The seashell painting is also by my talented friend, Amy.

My main memory of this sink is of giving Henry his first baths in his Puj tub.

My heart swells when I remember how tiny he was and how tightly we held him. He has brought so much love into our lives.

Thanks for letting me share our first home with you!

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