Tidbits of Summer Life

What do you think of the word “tidbits”? I am not a fan, yet there it is. In the title. But let’s move on before yet another post dies a slow death in my drafts section.

I’m beginning to realize that once I get a sense of how my days go with Henry, they change. The latest change goes by the name of crawling. And his middle name is pulling himself up on everything. So my days are largely spent moving around the house with him and telling him “No” when he tries to eat the cords of our floor lamps. Passionately does not begin to describe Henry’s love for electrical cords.

But despite the cord situation, this is such a fun season with Henry. Everyone told me 7-12 months was a sweet spot, and they’re right. I love watching his personality grow. He likes to clap his hands when he gets excited and it melts me. Life has gotten so much busier for me now that he moves around the house on his own, but I’m still able to squeeze in a little bit of writing time when he naps.

In no particular order, here are some things happening:

I started writing for The Twin Cities Moms Blog! I’m looking forward to writing regularly for them. You can read my first post, 10 Things To Do If You Had A Traumatic Birth Experience here.

I was reminded of how incredible it is to sleep through the night. I recently woke up on my own before 7am and I honestly cannot remember the last time I wasn’t awoken by my baby or my alarm. I had forgotten what it’s like to actually feel rested. Henry usually wakes up once at night, which isn’t that bad, but it makes such a difference if I can sleep through the whole night. I’m hoping and praying this happens more often.

I’m reading this book: The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery. I love how this personality system gets more at motivation than behavior. It’s changing how I think about everything.

Perhaps my favorite thing about summer is walking. I get my best ideas when I’m walking and Nathan and I have the best chance at uninterrupted conversation. It helps that Henry loves stroller rides. #childofmyheart

Lake Hiawatha at dusk

I’ve been trying to make time more often for stretching/yoga/Pilates recently and I enjoy this 15 minute Yoga for Flexibility video. It’s really only a 10 minute exercise because the last 5 minutes are for resting. (Clearly this is my kind of workout.)

The house is getting settled and we are loving it. Houses are a lot of work and take a lot of time, but it’s worth it in this season. It makes us feel more rooted and allows us to host my family when they visit us.

Speaking of the house, I recently ordered a couple things from Wayfair and I do have to say that they have the best costumer service and the best quality for the price. Highly recommend.

Erin shared a list of top 10 blogs from her readers and I read all of them except for two (which I want to check out). No matter how often people say blogs are dead, I will still be a blog reader.

That’s all for now, friends!

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