To Be Vulnerable


“Remember that nice guy in my small group at church? The one who likes going to dance performances with me? Like really, genuinely enjoys analyzing the performance with me?”

I sat in my living room, calling my best friend in Denver. Yes, of course she remembers him.

“Well, I think I like him.”

I started listing all these qualities about him that I loved. He deeply cares about other people. He loves Jesus and talks about God in a personal way that really encourages my faith. He desires to understand the Bible and has insightful application. He thinks poetry is cool. He is comfortable with who he is. He is an avid reader. He loves to travel and explore new places. He has this sense of joy about him that just makes me want to be in his company as often as possible.

A month or so later, this guy asked me on a date. And I sat across from him wondering and searching for what would come of our friendship.

C.S. Lewis is perhaps most quoted for his words, “To love at all is to be vulnerable.” But truly, the following eight months since that first date have taught me to be vulnerable, to ask forgiveness often, and to allow God to shape me into the person I was created to be through this relationship with the man I grew to love.

Exactly one week ago, this man I love asked me to marry him.

And I said yes.

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